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Terms and Conditions

Keep the Pressure, Inc. is a  nonprofit corporation in the state of California (the "Corporation"). The mission of the Corporation is to obtain donations in an effort to integrate Keep the Pressure bleed kits ("kits") into high yield areas of need. The Corporation is also committed to partner with local hospitals certified by the American College of Surgeons as Trauma Centers. This partnership will provide education to those in receipt of the kits. 

All donations to the Corporation are considered non-refundable as we are subject to processing fees that are unrecoverable. All kits purchased are non-refundable, although we will always rectify any defect in the product in the rare event one occurs.

QuikClot gauze is provided in the kit as a lifesaving tool. This item has a shelf life of 5 years after which it must be replaced. The responsibility of replacing this gauze belongs to the purchaser of the kit. Z-Medica, the producer of QuikClot gauze participates in a buyback program for unused gauze. Please contact them for assistance.

This website and the content therein is property of the Company. This content may not be reproduced, distributed or used in any other way without the express prior written consent of the Company. 

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